Monday, April 12, 2010

An expression…

I perceive designing as an expression or an effective way of communication that speaks for itself. An impressive image or creation needs no introduction. The color sense, the style and structure often creates an impression on the viewers mind making them feel the reality.

Recently only I was asked to choose a picture and express something about it. My target was flickr, where I knew I could get marvelous pictures easily. I chose travel destination that is Srinagar as I have already been there previously. According to me the city, in reality is not what I had seen in the pictures earlier. The ethereal beauty that was being expected is absolutely shattered. What else can be found there after those heart-breaking incidents prevailing in the city?.. Whenever Srinagar comes to my mind, my thoughts are always distracted by the ruthless activities going around there.

I think I have already chosen a controversial topic, let me accumulate my thoughts back on the way and begin with the expression on the picture.

Majestic beauty, absolutely!!

Whosoever is the photographer, has captured the real sense in the camera. The lush green forest looks absolutely amazing with the yellow mustard leaves spread around. The beautiful blue cloudy sky is filling the environment with fresh vibes. Then there’s a lady picking sarso(Mustard leaves) with an extensive emphasize over the cultural touch. It’s nothing but an outstanding scenic beauty, spreading its charm all around.

If we take it as a picture, from a designer’s perspective, Yellow, Green and Blue all three colors are working as coolant. The marvelous combination of magnificent colors and natural objects leaving great impression..

I am tickled, delighted and rejuvenated by the beautiful scene and the amazing job of the photographer. He’s actually put life to the picture. I am proud to be living in India with its amazing beauty and charm spread around me.

Come out of the restricted clusters…

Since so long, we have been living with same old things surrounding us every morning we wake up and every night we go back to sleep. Definitely monotonous living is irksome at times but the fact is we just can’t evade them due to lot many reasons that bound us and force us to stay. Adjustments are the heart of living and we know we cannot change them. Why not make some shifts and twist here and there to enjoy life rather than taking it simply as a burden.

Every morning walking up and going to office for same old work could be extremely boring. We can add some spices by chatting around with people. Flirting online has been one of the best options in this case that I have seen around and experienced myself too. To some extent it looks great but things should be restricted to those levels only. Crossing limits might lead to problematic situations.

…Another innovative method of changing the mind granted by our very dear internet.

Let’s adapt…To the changing environment….

Only way to survive in today’s changing world is to adapt with the situations around. Whether in business or job, one needs to keep brushing themselves on variety of aspects like skills, knowledge and nature. Somehow I feel that the aspect of innovation is lacking everywhere which is the root cause behind challenging situations at work. Few people are adaptive to these challenges and others are not. Recent example that inspired me to highlight this situation is my own organization, running since 25-30 years without any such technical equipment. By technical equipments here doesn’t really mean scissors or cutters. What it means really is use of computer and internet with variety of aspects that can literally reduce the burden of work. Employees here are reluctant to adapt the changes at ease. I have seen a force back without a good enough reason. May be they are not so much comfortable in learning the new technology or furnish them on latest grounds. Earlier my team felt that this may be just a reason that few people are somehow old to learn the latest ideas but the irony here was aged generation took initiative to learn the innovative methods but the young adults did not.

However, the management has started putting it as a force which of course, was bound to happen. Till what time can they keep waiting for the employees to take action. They had to take the stand. On the other hand, I feel the employees too should take a step ahead and learn the innovative methods and ideas so that they can easily develop themselves. Days have gone when growth was restricted to variety of levels. Now the environment is giving us ample of reasons to develop ourselves and live better life. It’s only us who can take the right direction.
A very good friend of mine always says, “God gives us 2 ways, only we have to decide on what way to choose”. And believe me it’s a real truth. We can’t blame god for taking a wrong decision for ourselves every time we come across a hurdle. Taking one right step at one right time might resolve most issues.

All we need to do is to FORSEE… and make some necessary changes within ourselves. It, surely, can do a lot.