Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s 21st century, It lets you express..

Innovative method of expressing yourself

1.    Writing: According to me, it’s the best way of expressing yourself publically. Especially people who fail to bring above their deeper thoughts due to the lack confidence, writing proves to be the best method.

2.    Designing / Painting: Take a canvas and draw whatever comes in mind. Even if you are not perfect in creating the best output still do give a try. Even if the results might not be creative or smart, at least will be authentic and pure since would be straight from your heart and soul.

3.    Music / Singing: Many times it helps. Choose anything, a song, phrase, poem etc and vocalize, high in pitch.

Essence of everything is what matters the most and not the substances. As in, the technique doesn’t really matters but what important is that you deliver the right expression hidden within. How effectively it’s done, and through which process, doesn’t really matters at all. Only the purpose needs to be sorted.
Our idea today should be to express and making others know what you felt, how you felt and how has something affected, rather than just keeping things within.

After all It’s 21st century,  It lets you express

Innovative Method of working

Chatting and social networking have simplified working these days and they are actually helping in making it even more interesting. Otherwise even, the very latest trend is that people engage themselves professionally in only those activities that are comfortable for them and are easy to handle at the same time, so that they can enjoy their working too. Gone are the days of specific traditional professions like MBBS, Engineering or MBA only where students had to stress themselves for learning and getting professionally established, whether they liked it or not. It was more of a “need” than “desire” which is basically the essence of professional success. It’s very much true “If you love what you are doing, You’ll be Successful”…It really works…

So now, designing, writing, media, marketing, all kind of professions are greatly in demand. We have ample of choices to establish ourselves…And simultaneously helps chatting and social networking. Things like G-talk, Facebook, Twitter etc help us stay connected with old and new friends and we end up building a huge social circle to talk to while doing work and stuff like that. 

We, at our office call it “an innovative method of working”..since we enjoy work while surfing facebook and chatting with friends alongside.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life is too short, break the rules, and never regret anything that made you smile...

To all those who were born in the 60’s or 70’s, this mantra might look extravagant but for us, who were born later and wish to live life on extremes, definitely it seems to be the rule of thumb.

Few months’ back we heard the news, stating our span of life is left short since global warming is high on its way. Whether the news is correct or not, how would be get to know? Not just this, but lot more other things too are there that explains us clearly, Life is really very short. We don’t know whether we’ll be seeing the other day in morning or not. Future is uncertain and we are just certain about ourselves. At least by doing things that make us happy, we can satisfy ourselves.

But hold….Don’t ever have regrets for whatever you did. If at any point of time, you thought you had done something wrong, trust me, you are doing wrong by thinking.

Anything that makes us happy can never be wrong. Hell lot of problems and tensions build up around. Within this, if we are managing things for ourselves, I don’t feel it’s unjustified.

Well….otherwise too, in today’s life, everything is justified as long as you have faith and confidence in yourself.

Keep the spirits up…live on extremes…Cheers…

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Innovative Method of losing weight

1.    Best trick of staying fit is to “Think and Eat”.

Now, it must have strike your mind by now that while eating, we usually lose control and after a while realize that something went wrong. According to health experts, one thing that helps in controlling ourselves at this is time is to eat in short intervals. But personally, I have found this trick to be even more fattening. What I feel is, body of each one of us acts differently at different stages and one habit that might be helpful for one person, might not react in the same way for others. And so this trick never helped me anywhere or at least, didn’t satisfy my expectations of toning the body.

Before is proceed disclosing my secret, I would like to tell you that I reduced 20kgs within 3 months without the help of any dietician or gym workouts, workouts definitely were there but all those natural ones.  

Now, coming back to my point, I’ll disclose the trick that helped me greatly and that’s “Breathing”. Yoga breathing exercises are the best way of healthy eating. Nobody believes this but its true. I left out eating sticky, oily food stuff outside for which I used to be damn crazy. No parantha’s at all, Pizza only in limited quantity, cold drinks limited, fried – completely out of my schedule. And trust me… I lost that interest within so easily that even if the tastiest fried stuff was served in front of me…I just hated it.
It’s been more that 5 years now, I don’t like having anything of this sort in large quantities at least. I do eat them in limited quantity but not much.

2.    Workout, definitely…and daily, if possible

Alongside, some workout is surely required. During the initial 3 months, I had to spend at least 2-3hours on workout but afterward, 30mins only. Although I have gained now since the time I got so thin but I don’t have so much time to spend on me in my extensively hectic work schedule. Still I do give 15mins to yoga and 15mins to jogging. This is helping me in maintaining the body and let it stay in good shape.
Trust me…it helps

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Innovative method of living

Love yourself…seriously it works

I might be sounding selfish by saying these words but the only thing that can make us happy is loving ourselves. I heard this from a very good friend of mine who keeps himself occupied in something or the other, particular whatever he likes. Definitely he makes others laugh too by this way and lives with this notion only that we cannot make everyone. Moreover, we are not supposed to do that too. One should only handle people, activities and things that make them get a big smile on their face.

Forcing ourselves for doing something that creates problems leads to dissatisfaction. And anything that dissatisfies should never be done or should be avoided at least.

Well… I am starting to follow this mantra

Why not …Try it once….