Monday, June 28, 2010

We need a break from DAILY SOAPs....

It’s 9.30 PM, 14th January 2010, a fine cold evening to enjoy after a hectic work schedule. But how can anyone do that with this crap going on TV. It’s been an hour I suppose I have been sitting in my room playing around with Facebook activities only to relax. Although I don’t prefer computer whole day long in front of it still can’t help it because my mom has to watch those stupid daily soaps.

Since this one hour’s time, I haven’t heard a single voice speaking something interesting. One after the other, it’s that same stupid music playing ....aa aa aa aaa...which is according to me nothing but crying. It’s not at all that my mom likes to watch these things. 90% of Indian women and men too only get to see this only nowadays. Where we are moving ahead with time, getting familiar with interesting technology and latest discoveries, our parents are being directed towards the backward areas. I truly agree that social issues are equally important for spreading awareness but that doesn’t mean that they should eat up mind to an extent that even after tensed day working, one cannot get ease. Tears keep rolling from eyes watching such issues creating stress for others; at least for me....

Am not saying they should be abandoned but give us a break at least at this time. During the dinner period, 8.30-10 in most Indian families, all new activities should be added I feel. Comedy, thriller and innovation should be there to refresh and nourish the minds rather than making it dull and boring.
Then they call, generation gap increases. How will the old generation be able to get closer with the new one if they’ll still keep themselves revolving around the ancient activities? I mean they still show things that have already been ruled out by the new society.

May be, producers are running after money only and for that matter they catch hold of free women at home who spend hours in watching stuff like that. Rather than this, if something new and innovative can be introduced, probably much generation would again like to sit in front of TV, than wasting their time in chatting and face-booking...

Monday, June 14, 2010

I never regret for whatever I do or did earlier….I think that’s the best part about my LIFE….

Looking back and regretting for past incidences is never a good option. If we really want to enjoy our life, we need to think about our present and future rather than past. With time and age, we become mature and often laugh on everything that we did at earlier ages. It’s not the matter of anything else but TIME, since at all ages, we live in present which should cherished that being regretted…


No matter how difficult it becomes, we still have to encounter certain circumstances in life that create high end problems yet are considered SOLUTIONS…and somehow, we actually want to face them…

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Just because I am bindas, it doesn’t mean I don’t believe in god...

Our society today is full of extroverts who spend most of their time on Facebook applications and chit chats with friends and colleagues on variety of other social networking websites and are often categorized for being immature and indifferent to their present environment by people around. But…this doesn’t really mean they are not responsible and don’t care about their family and friends. And it’s not even that they don’t believe in god and don’t really pray.

Whether they sit in long devotional puja’s or go to temple, it hardly makes any difference to what is there in heart. Deep inside, the love, care and feeling for god and praying at the same time are within each one of us. It’s not necessary to visit temple every single day or week for proving that love.

My brother never visits the temple unless someone doesn’t force him for the same. Still he wakes up every morning, sheds his head in front of dad and mom, run quickly for getting everything that’s needed without thinking if he’s ready for it or not, without giving a damn for any other thing. Still he loves his god and prays to him secretly. Responsibility and society is rushing ahead and if one can spare fraction of seconds in thinking about god, their loved ones and things that make them happy, I believe that is more than enough for loving god.

Stick to one idea.. .

Keep your spirits up..!!

Moving in a single direction calls for much determination since we are not prone to habits of keeping our minds at one point always. How often did you start initiating in one direction?... .Every time an idea stuck up, our efforts get raised with tremendous passion but the moment work actually comes into action, one feels pulled back! It happens with people of strongest will even. Giving up situation arises for them right before the good stuff starts.

One of a very good friend of mine keeps jumping here and there with varieties of ideas, trying hands everywhere for becoming a millionaire. It’s basically a part of human nature since one new idea definitely tampers our thoughts but that doesn’t mean we can keep shifting our efforts always. Coming back to my friend, He’s running after the best and fastest methods of getting rich. Every day he comes up with an idea, gets excited about it but sooner it becomes workable, he stops somewhere and looks for another effective way. Ideas must not be but the process is surely a “road to failure”.

Watering the seeds spread on the field can lead to a well grown up plant than replacing them with another set of seeds. Constant watering and nurturing will strengthen your roots leading to the production of crop. Scattering seeds and hoping for results would not lead anywhere. Operating business or life in that way would be a good idea.

Even I have experienced the same situation many times. But what works best in this is “Don’t just give up…”“Keep your spirits up”…And results will be there sooner.

In any business or professional life, minimum 2 years duration can get some success. This is basically a definition for “Overnight Success”. Nourishing idea with sweat, tears and blood gets fruitful results.

Quitting never is a good option!.. Usually people give up just before the best opportunity without thinking about God’s blessings kept reserved for their account.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When in grief…engage in social activities rather than hearing stupid senti songs…

We usually tend to switch to senti-songs whenever we get depressed but they work negatively rather than helping out anywhere...I have learn with my personal experience whenever I am stressed or tired, emotional songs worsen the situation rather than making it lighter. One of my very good friends has often suggested that one should remain away from drinking, smoking and painful music when in some grief or disappointment. These habits definitely help in changing our mind for a while but right after we are out of the hangovers, the problem doubles…No matter how difficult it is, never ever indulge in these kinds of activities

Try some other stuff…Facebooking helps during this…Spending time on social activities is a good option and even chatting helps. Another way out is to hear rocking or happening kind of music that changes mind…

We should not really have to keep thinking. This too creates problems…Indulging in talking with someone also works since you can share all your thoughts and feelings…It reduces the maximum burden from mind and heart…

The urge of getting more and more and lack of satisfaction within us is so intense that we, by our own, create tensions and problems for ourselves. 

Peace, patience and happiness is flying away…everything is looking FAKE..Whatever…it is…lets just get social…may be that might help…!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s 21st century, It lets you express..

Innovative method of expressing yourself

1.    Writing: According to me, it’s the best way of expressing yourself publically. Especially people who fail to bring above their deeper thoughts due to the lack confidence, writing proves to be the best method.

2.    Designing / Painting: Take a canvas and draw whatever comes in mind. Even if you are not perfect in creating the best output still do give a try. Even if the results might not be creative or smart, at least will be authentic and pure since would be straight from your heart and soul.

3.    Music / Singing: Many times it helps. Choose anything, a song, phrase, poem etc and vocalize, high in pitch.

Essence of everything is what matters the most and not the substances. As in, the technique doesn’t really matters but what important is that you deliver the right expression hidden within. How effectively it’s done, and through which process, doesn’t really matters at all. Only the purpose needs to be sorted.
Our idea today should be to express and making others know what you felt, how you felt and how has something affected, rather than just keeping things within.

After all It’s 21st century,  It lets you express

Innovative Method of working

Chatting and social networking have simplified working these days and they are actually helping in making it even more interesting. Otherwise even, the very latest trend is that people engage themselves professionally in only those activities that are comfortable for them and are easy to handle at the same time, so that they can enjoy their working too. Gone are the days of specific traditional professions like MBBS, Engineering or MBA only where students had to stress themselves for learning and getting professionally established, whether they liked it or not. It was more of a “need” than “desire” which is basically the essence of professional success. It’s very much true “If you love what you are doing, You’ll be Successful”…It really works…

So now, designing, writing, media, marketing, all kind of professions are greatly in demand. We have ample of choices to establish ourselves…And simultaneously helps chatting and social networking. Things like G-talk, Facebook, Twitter etc help us stay connected with old and new friends and we end up building a huge social circle to talk to while doing work and stuff like that. 

We, at our office call it “an innovative method of working”..since we enjoy work while surfing facebook and chatting with friends alongside.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Life is too short, break the rules, and never regret anything that made you smile...

To all those who were born in the 60’s or 70’s, this mantra might look extravagant but for us, who were born later and wish to live life on extremes, definitely it seems to be the rule of thumb.

Few months’ back we heard the news, stating our span of life is left short since global warming is high on its way. Whether the news is correct or not, how would be get to know? Not just this, but lot more other things too are there that explains us clearly, Life is really very short. We don’t know whether we’ll be seeing the other day in morning or not. Future is uncertain and we are just certain about ourselves. At least by doing things that make us happy, we can satisfy ourselves.

But hold….Don’t ever have regrets for whatever you did. If at any point of time, you thought you had done something wrong, trust me, you are doing wrong by thinking.

Anything that makes us happy can never be wrong. Hell lot of problems and tensions build up around. Within this, if we are managing things for ourselves, I don’t feel it’s unjustified.

Well….otherwise too, in today’s life, everything is justified as long as you have faith and confidence in yourself.

Keep the spirits up…live on extremes…Cheers…

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Innovative Method of losing weight

1.    Best trick of staying fit is to “Think and Eat”.

Now, it must have strike your mind by now that while eating, we usually lose control and after a while realize that something went wrong. According to health experts, one thing that helps in controlling ourselves at this is time is to eat in short intervals. But personally, I have found this trick to be even more fattening. What I feel is, body of each one of us acts differently at different stages and one habit that might be helpful for one person, might not react in the same way for others. And so this trick never helped me anywhere or at least, didn’t satisfy my expectations of toning the body.

Before is proceed disclosing my secret, I would like to tell you that I reduced 20kgs within 3 months without the help of any dietician or gym workouts, workouts definitely were there but all those natural ones.  

Now, coming back to my point, I’ll disclose the trick that helped me greatly and that’s “Breathing”. Yoga breathing exercises are the best way of healthy eating. Nobody believes this but its true. I left out eating sticky, oily food stuff outside for which I used to be damn crazy. No parantha’s at all, Pizza only in limited quantity, cold drinks limited, fried – completely out of my schedule. And trust me… I lost that interest within so easily that even if the tastiest fried stuff was served in front of me…I just hated it.
It’s been more that 5 years now, I don’t like having anything of this sort in large quantities at least. I do eat them in limited quantity but not much.

2.    Workout, definitely…and daily, if possible

Alongside, some workout is surely required. During the initial 3 months, I had to spend at least 2-3hours on workout but afterward, 30mins only. Although I have gained now since the time I got so thin but I don’t have so much time to spend on me in my extensively hectic work schedule. Still I do give 15mins to yoga and 15mins to jogging. This is helping me in maintaining the body and let it stay in good shape.
Trust me…it helps

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Innovative method of living

Love yourself…seriously it works

I might be sounding selfish by saying these words but the only thing that can make us happy is loving ourselves. I heard this from a very good friend of mine who keeps himself occupied in something or the other, particular whatever he likes. Definitely he makes others laugh too by this way and lives with this notion only that we cannot make everyone. Moreover, we are not supposed to do that too. One should only handle people, activities and things that make them get a big smile on their face.

Forcing ourselves for doing something that creates problems leads to dissatisfaction. And anything that dissatisfies should never be done or should be avoided at least.

Well… I am starting to follow this mantra

Why not …Try it once….

Monday, April 12, 2010

An expression…

I perceive designing as an expression or an effective way of communication that speaks for itself. An impressive image or creation needs no introduction. The color sense, the style and structure often creates an impression on the viewers mind making them feel the reality.

Recently only I was asked to choose a picture and express something about it. My target was flickr, where I knew I could get marvelous pictures easily. I chose travel destination that is Srinagar as I have already been there previously. According to me the city, in reality is not what I had seen in the pictures earlier. The ethereal beauty that was being expected is absolutely shattered. What else can be found there after those heart-breaking incidents prevailing in the city?.. Whenever Srinagar comes to my mind, my thoughts are always distracted by the ruthless activities going around there.

I think I have already chosen a controversial topic, let me accumulate my thoughts back on the way and begin with the expression on the picture.

Majestic beauty, absolutely!!

Whosoever is the photographer, has captured the real sense in the camera. The lush green forest looks absolutely amazing with the yellow mustard leaves spread around. The beautiful blue cloudy sky is filling the environment with fresh vibes. Then there’s a lady picking sarso(Mustard leaves) with an extensive emphasize over the cultural touch. It’s nothing but an outstanding scenic beauty, spreading its charm all around.

If we take it as a picture, from a designer’s perspective, Yellow, Green and Blue all three colors are working as coolant. The marvelous combination of magnificent colors and natural objects leaving great impression..

I am tickled, delighted and rejuvenated by the beautiful scene and the amazing job of the photographer. He’s actually put life to the picture. I am proud to be living in India with its amazing beauty and charm spread around me.

Come out of the restricted clusters…

Since so long, we have been living with same old things surrounding us every morning we wake up and every night we go back to sleep. Definitely monotonous living is irksome at times but the fact is we just can’t evade them due to lot many reasons that bound us and force us to stay. Adjustments are the heart of living and we know we cannot change them. Why not make some shifts and twist here and there to enjoy life rather than taking it simply as a burden.

Every morning walking up and going to office for same old work could be extremely boring. We can add some spices by chatting around with people. Flirting online has been one of the best options in this case that I have seen around and experienced myself too. To some extent it looks great but things should be restricted to those levels only. Crossing limits might lead to problematic situations.

…Another innovative method of changing the mind granted by our very dear internet.

Let’s adapt…To the changing environment….

Only way to survive in today’s changing world is to adapt with the situations around. Whether in business or job, one needs to keep brushing themselves on variety of aspects like skills, knowledge and nature. Somehow I feel that the aspect of innovation is lacking everywhere which is the root cause behind challenging situations at work. Few people are adaptive to these challenges and others are not. Recent example that inspired me to highlight this situation is my own organization, running since 25-30 years without any such technical equipment. By technical equipments here doesn’t really mean scissors or cutters. What it means really is use of computer and internet with variety of aspects that can literally reduce the burden of work. Employees here are reluctant to adapt the changes at ease. I have seen a force back without a good enough reason. May be they are not so much comfortable in learning the new technology or furnish them on latest grounds. Earlier my team felt that this may be just a reason that few people are somehow old to learn the latest ideas but the irony here was aged generation took initiative to learn the innovative methods but the young adults did not.

However, the management has started putting it as a force which of course, was bound to happen. Till what time can they keep waiting for the employees to take action. They had to take the stand. On the other hand, I feel the employees too should take a step ahead and learn the innovative methods and ideas so that they can easily develop themselves. Days have gone when growth was restricted to variety of levels. Now the environment is giving us ample of reasons to develop ourselves and live better life. It’s only us who can take the right direction.
A very good friend of mine always says, “God gives us 2 ways, only we have to decide on what way to choose”. And believe me it’s a real truth. We can’t blame god for taking a wrong decision for ourselves every time we come across a hurdle. Taking one right step at one right time might resolve most issues.

All we need to do is to FORSEE… and make some necessary changes within ourselves. It, surely, can do a lot.