Monday, May 17, 2010

It’s 21st century, It lets you express..

Innovative method of expressing yourself

1.    Writing: According to me, it’s the best way of expressing yourself publically. Especially people who fail to bring above their deeper thoughts due to the lack confidence, writing proves to be the best method.

2.    Designing / Painting: Take a canvas and draw whatever comes in mind. Even if you are not perfect in creating the best output still do give a try. Even if the results might not be creative or smart, at least will be authentic and pure since would be straight from your heart and soul.

3.    Music / Singing: Many times it helps. Choose anything, a song, phrase, poem etc and vocalize, high in pitch.

Essence of everything is what matters the most and not the substances. As in, the technique doesn’t really matters but what important is that you deliver the right expression hidden within. How effectively it’s done, and through which process, doesn’t really matters at all. Only the purpose needs to be sorted.
Our idea today should be to express and making others know what you felt, how you felt and how has something affected, rather than just keeping things within.

After all It’s 21st century,  It lets you express

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