Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stick to one idea.. .

Keep your spirits up..!!

Moving in a single direction calls for much determination since we are not prone to habits of keeping our minds at one point always. How often did you start initiating in one direction?... .Every time an idea stuck up, our efforts get raised with tremendous passion but the moment work actually comes into action, one feels pulled back! It happens with people of strongest will even. Giving up situation arises for them right before the good stuff starts.

One of a very good friend of mine keeps jumping here and there with varieties of ideas, trying hands everywhere for becoming a millionaire. It’s basically a part of human nature since one new idea definitely tampers our thoughts but that doesn’t mean we can keep shifting our efforts always. Coming back to my friend, He’s running after the best and fastest methods of getting rich. Every day he comes up with an idea, gets excited about it but sooner it becomes workable, he stops somewhere and looks for another effective way. Ideas must not be but the process is surely a “road to failure”.

Watering the seeds spread on the field can lead to a well grown up plant than replacing them with another set of seeds. Constant watering and nurturing will strengthen your roots leading to the production of crop. Scattering seeds and hoping for results would not lead anywhere. Operating business or life in that way would be a good idea.

Even I have experienced the same situation many times. But what works best in this is “Don’t just give up…”“Keep your spirits up”…And results will be there sooner.

In any business or professional life, minimum 2 years duration can get some success. This is basically a definition for “Overnight Success”. Nourishing idea with sweat, tears and blood gets fruitful results.

Quitting never is a good option!.. Usually people give up just before the best opportunity without thinking about God’s blessings kept reserved for their account.

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